About us

The association Sport – The Bridge is a voluntary organization founded in 2002 in Berne with the goal of promoting children’s personal development and building bridges between people. In doing so it relies on the universal value of sport. The association is politically and denominationally neutral, and currently has about 100 members. Along with the program in Addis Ababa, Sport – The Bridge also carries out a series of programs in Switzerland.

Following persons form the board of the association: Thierry Graf (President, Communication), Simone Mersch (Ethiopia), Fabienne Glatthard (Switzerland), Aurelia Golowin (Vice-President, Communication), Eliane Kraft (Finance).

Former member of the Swiss Federal Council Adolf Ogi, National Council member Pascale Bruderer, former director of Swiss Olympic Marco Blatter as well as the Swiss Olympic Association are confident in our work and form our patronage committee.

Contact: Sport – The Bridge, Haus des Sports, P.O. Box, CH-3000 Berne 22,