Resocializing street children is not possible without the help of their parents. After the first few weeks in the program, Sport — The Bridge begins to work with the families. Step-by-step the individual situations of the children are clarified and their families are approached. Together with the staff of Sport — The Bridge, family members and the children discuss existing problems and look for solutions. The successful clarification of the family situation is the key to a sustainable reintegration of the children in their families.

After the reintegration in their families the staff stays in contact with the families in order to help them with any problems and to intervene very fast if the child goes back to the street.

The goal is that the children sleep at home and attend school regularly after one year. Sport — The Bridge helps to integrate the children into school, visits them in school every week and provides, if needed, all school material for 4 consequential years including uniform and shoes. The literacy program, which the children attend every afternoon helps them with the reintegration into school. They have lessons in English, Amharic, Maths and Hygiene and learn the very important skills of reading and writing which are essential for the school and their future life.

Sport — The Bridge’s teacher also stays in close contact with the schools and talks to the principals. The children also have the possibility to join the tutorial program.


lilyana_small daniel_small
Lilyana Ahmed Daniel Abebe
General executive manager, family department Social worker, family department
“I like to work for Sport — The Bridge, because it gave me the chance to know and love street children.” “I wish, that we, Sport — The Bridge, can have our own place, where we can have take in more children and participates.”
temesegen_small sintayehu_small
Temesgen Degefaw Sintayehu Fikiru
Social worker, family department Social worker, family department
“Because Sport — The Bridge gives many chances for street children, I understand that they really need many chances to get back on the right track.” “Sport — The Bridge is the best organization for street children.”
behailu_small mesfen_small
Behailu Jemal Mesfin Taddesse
Teacher, family department Social worker, family department
“Sport — The Bridge is doing a great job by giving opportunities for street children to promote their life from one positive step to another step.” “Working with children in Sport — The Bridge helped me to understand why children are behaving in the way they behave. Some of the reasons are the living standard of their parents, the life style of their parents or the parenthood method. All these issues have their positive and negative influence on the future of the children.”