Sport — The Bridge gives the children the opportunity to take care of their personal health. The children are wearing untidy and damaged clothes and they often don’t have shoes. Diarrhea, a lack of vitamins, louses, parasites, mental and physical abuses represent only some of the diseases, of which children suffer. The staff from the health department is treating these diseases professionally. They get support from the Lindenhof hospital in Berne.


The health department treats small wounds and diseases. If there are some bigger challenges the staff brings the children to the hospital. The other part of their work is about the hygiene. The children have to wash their legs, arms and faces every day and they have also the opportunities for shower and washing their clothes. A professional psychologist talks to the kids and helps them with learning. Whenever they have something to discuss or they need help to decide or to speak with their parents for example they will get helped there. The children also have the opportunity to paint, where they get a chance to express their inner feelings and get also soul treatment.


asselefech_small bosena_small
Asselefech Nigussie Bosena Mihiretu
Nurse, health department Cleaner, health department
“I am happy and interested to work with vulnerable children.”


“I wish Sport — The Bridge to have a nice working time by scoring better work results