The basic idea of the nutrition department is to reduce the pressure of street children to look for food every day. In providing the children with food it becomes possible for them to free their minds of the fear of “not getting enough” and focus their concentration on what they learn in the project. The daily pressure, to care for oneself in order to survive, is reduced and they can concentrate on other fields, like social behavior. Furthermore it is a precondition for physical activity to have a balanced nutrition. A balanced nutrition also contributes to a healthy development of the child and helps to prevent them of diseases. The children get food twice a day at Sport — The Bridge. It is simple Ethiopian food, because the food shouldn’t stand in any concurrence to the one they get at home.


The staff from the nutrition department also works with the children and the mothers of them, if there are any problems with nutrition. If there is an additional need in the preparation of food in nutrition department, the children’s mothers will also give support.







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Elizabeth Sisay Bizunesh Arega
Nutritionist, nutrition department Cook, nutrition department
“I like that Sport — The Bridge believes in the family as the best place for the kids and that it uses sport as a bridge to reintegrate the street children.” “Using sport as a means of teaching street children, makes  port — The Bridge unique.”
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Yewoubdar Eshete Zinabwa Kebede
Cook, nutrition department Cook, nutrition department
“I want to see  Sport — The Bridge being an organization which could even support more needy children.” “I like that Sport — The Bridge selects street children, provides sport pedagogy and reintegrate them to their parents. I also like that Sport — The Bridge provides follow up program for the reintegrated children.”
Fantu Tefera
Cook, nutrition department
“I wish and vision for Sport — The Bridge to be capable in all direction and stand by its two legs.”