Sport & Pedagogy

It is very difficult to teach the street children, that there are rules/norms, which are important for living together in a family and which they have to learn and accept. The sport can be a good way to learn about such social norms. On the one hand the children like to play football. On the other hand sport is a good possibility to learn about situations, in which rules are needed and to train these rules. The sport pedagogical lessons are based on emotions, which the children experience during the sport lessons.

The sport program is well organized and goal oriented. To do so Sport – The Bridge implements its self-created guiding model called KRAFT. As the name implies the model focuses on five topics which are Body, Rule, Acceptance, Fairness and Team. These topics are very important in sport and daily life.

During training sessions of football, basketball, martial arts and other types of sports, the children learn acceptance, fairness and teamwork, as well as how to follow the rules. Additionally, the children have the opportunity to playfully practice how to deal with their emotions, their strength and their aggressions. The children also learn to relate and implement the behavior they learn during sports into their daily lives.





Tamiru Gebremedehin
Sport pedagogy coach, sport department
“I want sport — The Bridge to be able to give more and wider service to the children than it is giving and I wish that it has it’s own working place where it can gives out it’s services.”
girmay_small sisay_small
Girmay Gtsadik Sisay Tadesse
Sport pedagogy coach assistance, sport department Sport pedagogy coach, sport department
“Though I do not have any good words to express how much I learnt from Sport — The Bridge since I start working, I see Sport — The Bridge like a library. And wow! It is so exciting to work with children, especially with street children.” “Sport — The Bridge gives good solutions for street children”