The goals of the activities of Sport – The Bridge in Switzerland are the promotion of intercultural exchange and comprehension within the Swiss society. We want to contribute to a peaceful togetherness in a society consisting of people with various cultural backgrounds.  Several projects are organised to this end.

Every second year Sport – The Bridge sets up the intercultural game „Ethnopoly“ in the city of Berne. Around 400 school kids have at this event the opportunity to get in direct contact with persons from different cultures that live in their own city. During the summer we organise the „Swiss Football Cup of Nations“ and the camp „Cooltour„, the former in collaboration with the Swiss African Forum and the latter together with the association Blindspot. With the project „win2gether we let school kids from Switzerland and from abroad learn to live a sporty bridge across countries and cultures. Finally, Sport – The Bridge has the opportunity to participate in the editions of the national sport event „Gigathlon„, which is organised by the Swiss Olympic Association.

Contact: Angelika Koprio