Empowerment Program for Street Children

The goal of the program «Ethiopia – Sport builds Bridges» is to reintegrate street children into their families and public school. Sport pedagogical lessons are used to prepare children for the life inside the family and to foster their personal development. Simultaneously, the families of the children receive assistance, in order to lay the foundation for a successful reintegration.

The work by Sport – The Bridge is based on the principle of «help for self-help» and can be divided into two phases: one year of intensive support, at the end of which the child should be ready to sleep at home and attend public school; four further years of supervision of the child and it’s family (Follow-up). This guarantees the sustainable success of the program. In every year «Ethiopia – Sport builds Bridges» provides support to about 200 current and former street children.

The program «Ethiopia – Sport Builds Bridges» currently supports about 200 children. Pole vault world record holder Sergey Bubka and the Ethiopian sprinter Haile Gebrselassie have shown their support by visiting the program. In 2009 «Ethiopia – Sport Builds Bridges» was nominated for the «Sport for Social Inclusion Award» from Beyond Sport. Since 2010 the program has been part of «Football for Hope», a movement by the FIFA and streetfootballworld. The program «Ethiopia – Sport Builds Bridges» also receives support from the Swiss Olympic Association and the Swiss Federal Office of Sports.

Contact: Lyliana Ahmed,  General Executive Manager

Program description

Team administration

fikirte_small Aynalem Getachew
Fikirte Shimelis  Aynalem Getachew
General Executive Manager, department manager finance and administration  Administration assistant, administration department
“I appreciate Sport — The Bridge work and I would like to thank for the contribution to my country.”  „I am happy to work with those kind of children who need help.“
zeleke_small marta_small
Tsegaye Ayenew Marta Belayneh
Guard, administration department Cleaner, administration department
“I wish for Sport — The Bridge to have it’s own working place and also to increase the number of beneficiaries for the coming working time.” “Sport — The Bridge has open for me a job opportunity and I always wish for it to grow strong and do more good works to the society.”
img_2914_small img_2941_small
Abera Gemeda Zeleke Hunegnaw
Guard, administration department Guard, administration department
“Development is a process, it is not coming in a short period of time, so I wish for Sport — The Bridge to get many success history.” “I wish Sport — The Bridge to have it’s own place.”
Getayalew Shibru
Handy man, administration department
“Sport — The Bridge formula: life skill + reintegration to family and school – street life = better Ethiopian citizen.”

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